LDC is the UK's leading regional mid-market private equity house. With over 30 years of investment experience and a network across the UK, LDC is an award-winning market leader.

The brief

LDC is the UK's leading regional mid-market private equity house with over 30 years of investment experience. The market is competitive, so LDC needs to shout about its unique selling points and set itself apart from the competition - now more than ever.

The structure and content of LDC's previous site had become confusing and unmanageable; it didn't reflect the organisation or the team, and it wasn't capable of supporting new business. Finding the right information at the right time was becoming difficult for potential clients, and for representatives using the site as a sales tool during client meetings.

The new challenge for LDC's digital presence was to speak directly to a wide range of people. It had to show what LDC does and who it can do it for in easy to find, easy to digest chunks of information.

The new site needed to offer every visitor the right information at the right time: tailored content that was relevant and valuable. And it had to support the team in identifying leads, developing strong and valuable relationships with the audience, and expanding the company portfolio.

What we did

Offering our Web Strategy services and our capabilities as a Sitecore Certified Solutions Partner, we planned, designed and built a new, responsive site which offers every user an easy and intuitive journey to the information they need, when they need it. And, it gives the LDC team the information they need to see how users interact with the site, and measure the value of these interactions.

The new site is ready to be integrated with LDC's CRM system, MS Dynamics. This will allow LDC's Deal Origination Team, or 'DOT', to see a prospect's online activity alongside their offline activity, track engagement and identify the most valuable leads.

Visitors can now be accurately profiled - using knowledge of the content they view and the journeys they take - so LDC can use follow-up marketing techniques to better target their audience.

LDC Web strategy

LDC Web strategy

We have worked with LDC for over 10 years; building and designing corporate sites, and providing full redevelopment and redesign every few years. We kicked off this project by getting to know exactly what the team thought of their existing digital presence: what they liked, what they needed, and what they wanted to leave behind.

With a close working relationship and a deep understanding of the challenges the team faced, we presented our plans for a new, responsive site that offers relevant information at the right time. And, working as an extension of the team, we recognised that their existing system was not capable of returning the engagement data they needed to make the site work for them.

Platform selection Sitecore

Platform selection Sitecore

The success of every project hinges on choosing a platform which will provide ongoing flexibility and extensibility. We needed an enterprise platform which would support real-time personalisation while allowing us to keep the user experience at its heart. And, to ensure the site gave LDC a long-term competitive edge, it needed to function smoothly as a tool which could be used by DOT to make every interaction valuable.

That's why we chose Sitecore: a proven market leader in the provision of customer experience platforms. Sitecore's Customer Engagement Platform gives companies the power and ability to measure engagement, rather than simply volume and destination of traffic to the site. And, it allows the brand to offer a personalised web experience; tailoring content to the reader's interests in real time.

UX User Experience

UX User Experience

As a big player in a competitive market, LDC was looking for a solution that put the visitor's experience first and made it easy to find the right information at the right time, so User Experience (UX) had a major part to play throughout the project.

A strategy day at the start of the project was a chance for the LDC team to talk us through the existing site. We needed to know what they liked and wanted to enhance, and which UX flaws prevented them from using the site as a tool to gain business and develop strong client relationships.

We then explored UX and Information Architecture (IA) to incorporate every facet of LDC's digital presence, offer every piece of information a visitor might look for, and enhance LDC's brand identity with an inviting, helpful and hard-working site. We then went back to LDC with the completed wireframes for the site: a simple, interactive prototype for the LDC team to review and for our team of front end developers to build on.

Ease of use was always high on the agenda: our priority was to design a short, intuitive journey to the user's chosen destination in as few clicks as possible. And, as well as offering a personalised experience, the homepage invites the visitor to make an enquiry - making it easy and quick to achieve the results they are looking for.

Sam says…

"Element78 has worked with us for more than ten years — helping us to steer and enhance our digital presence and capabilities. They’ve become an important part of our team and an invaluable strategic partner.

We're delighted with the look, feel and functionality of the new site!"

Sam Grey, Director of Marketing and Communications