Introducing Conflux - an Element78 UX framework

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Introducing Conflux - an Element78 UX framework 

Conflux is our new User Experience (UX) framework. We use UX methodologies to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty through utility, ease of use and enjoyment provided in the interactions with your products or services. Our approach ensures that the business strategy, user needs, and technical capabilities are aligned and helps to prioritise an organisation’s attention and resources by keeping them focused on solving the right problems.

The UX framework can be applied to new and existing websites. We have used Conflux with many of our clients to identify usability issues and discover insights about users and their behaviours, all with the aim to increase satisfaction and loyalty.

Conflux is the act of blending components together thoroughly and that is the approach we have taken when developing it, so we can use different components from the framework depending on what is required from a brief and/or budget.

The Components

1. Research

2. Prototyping

3. Testing

4. Monitoring

Each component has several elements that can be used to engage with your users to create better digital experiences based on real user insight and data. We believe that a user-centric approach leads to a solid project foundation.

Although this is the first time talking about the framework, we have been applying it to many of our client’s briefs, refining it to make sure it’s a valuable step in the project that creates a better product for all involved.

If you want to find out more about how the Conflux framework can help your business, product or website, then please get in touch.


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